About US Organization

  • Chief Office
    • Acquisition &
      Cataloging Section
      • Acquisition
        Journal Service
        Institutional Repository
        Website Management
    • Reader Services
      • Circulation
        Collection Management
        Reference Service
        Electronic Resource
        Multi-media Service
    • Campus Information System
      • Promotion and planning of the e-campus project
        Development and maintenance of campus information system
        Management and maintenance of administrative database
        Computing support for admission works
    • Network Services
      • Planning and development of campus network infrastructure
        Support and maintenance of the campus network, wireless network, and dormitory network
        Monitoring and management Internet flow control and security
        Management and maintenance of various network servers including WWW, Mail, DNS servers
    • Information Application
      • Management and borrowing of the teaching computer labs.
        Management and maintenance of the free utilizing computer labs.
        Charged printing services of the diversified free utilizing computer labs.
        E-mail account service for faculty, staff and students
        Multi-media e-classroom (video) courses recording and production.
        Computer maintenance services for the CYUT administration units and the faculty offices.
        Authorized software borrowing services for the faculty. (They can only be installed in the computers that are CYUT properties.)
        Supporting IT education training
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