Library Service Multi-media Services

① Poding Movie Festival

Poding Movie Festival has different themes of movies every semester. The movies show in the iSpace/Conference Room on the 1st floor of library at 3:30 PM every Wednesday afternoon.Poding Movie Festival Homepage.

② Music, TV and Leisure Area

The TV area provides more than 55 channels and 2 TV sets.

Leisure area collects most popular selling books and library special selection. With the music area, it provides the space that readers can relax and enjoy the reading.

The music area is located in Leisure area.

③ Multi-media Center

The Resources of Multi-media Center is a way of providing multi resources, database searches and information researches to user in specific area combining with library collection and multi-media computers. Meanwhile, with the use of library’s audiovisual collections, it creates an outstanding learning environment.

    Main Resource:
  1. Internet connection
  2. Database searches
  3. Electronic periodicals
  4. Library collections
  5. Legal papers and computer graphic software
  6. Computers, printers and scanners
  7. Instruction manual of every resource

④ Multi-media Center Policy

The using of facilities of multi-media center is 3 hours limit that includes audiovisual collections and players. Each item overdue fines is 5 dollars per hour.

Faculty, staff and students are allowed to borrow out some audiovisual collections with verified school ID. Each item overdue fines is 5 dollars per day. Loan limits are as follows:

Identity Public presentation edition
(Maximum items)
Home edition
(Maximum items)
Faculty and Staff 5 5 7 days
Students X 5 7 days
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