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The Library of Chaoyang University of Technology was opened on the following October 11 after the establishment of this university in August of 1994. The Library was temporarily located on the third floor of Teaching Building. The collection of the library increased so rapidly in the following years that branch libraries such as Library of Western Collections and another branch in Complex Building were set up. Poding Memorial Library is to commemorate parents of the founder of Chaoyang, Dr. Yang Tien-sheng.(“po” from Dr. Yang’s father’s name,Yang A-po and “ding” from Dr. Yang’s mother’s name, Zhong Ding.).

Poding Memorial Library had its construction completed in March 1999 and it was opened in the end of March when Chaoyang University of Technology was celebrating its 5th anniversary. Poding Memorial Library has seven stories above ground and one story underground. The total area is 15,888 square meters. 500 network ports and wireless network are available for Internet access. The library was closed after being partially destroyed in 921 Earthquake on September 21, 1999. Thanks to the faculty’s cooperation and dedication to the recovery works, the library was re-opened on October 11 in the same year.

The mission of Poding Memorial Library is to serve the staff, the faculty and students and to support their learning, teaching and researches. The library has a large collection of books, periodicals, audio-visual materials and subscribed electronic resources. It has not only the first hand documents of the CKS International Airport Access MRT Infrastructure Project, but also faculty members’ academic publications and students’ theses and dissertations.

To build up an efficient automated facility has always been what we are working at. With technological development, the library changed from its original automated management system into Millennium System as the library could adopt the latest information technology to offer better services, to build better layouts, and to meet the trend of technological development. It also provides in-depth digital service to meet and fulfill the needs of the users.

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