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Acquisition / Cataloging / Journal Service / Institutional Repository / Website Management
Circulation / Collection Management / Reference Service / Electronic Resource / Multi-media Service
Promotion and planning of the e-campus project / Development and maintenance of campus information system / Management and maintenance of administrative database / Computing support for admission works
Planning and development of campus network infrastructure / Support and maintenance of the campus network, wireless network, and dormitory network / Monitoring and management Internet flow control and security / E-mail account service for faculty, staff and students / Management and maintenance of various network servers including WWW, Mail, DNS servers / VoIP
Management and borrowing of the teaching computer labs. / Management and maintenance of the free utilizing computer labs. / Charged printing services of the diversified free utilizing computer labs. / Multi-media e-classroom (video) courses recording and production. / Computer maintenance services for the CYUT administration units and the faculty offices. / Authorized software borrowing services for the faculty. (They can only be installed in the computers that are CYUT properties.) / Supporting IT education training