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Reading Services
All items in the library's collection, including books, periodicals, and audio-visual materials are available in open stacks; in addition, special collections are available for academic journals, faculty and staff publications, and examination questions. Reading Rooms are also available for personal studies.
Ext 3151 or 3152

Information Retrieval Services
Readers may obtain information of the Library's holdings through the Library's home page, including books, periodicals , multi-media materials, newspapers and electronic resources. This service is available over any network. In addition, in the Online Search Section of the Library supply numbers of computers for readers to search information.
Ext 3151 or 3152

Outreach Activities
The Library sponsors a number of activities every year, including Freshman Week, Library Week, and Book Week. It also offers occasional lectures, database retrieval seminars, and so on.

Photocopying Services
Copy rooms are available in the Library in order to allow readers to make copies of research materials. Readers must obey all relevant restrictions and fair-use practices.
Ext 3151 or 3152

Book Search Services
If the Library's OPAC system indicates an item is in the stacks, but readers are unable to locate find it, they may copy the book title and reference number, and bring it to the Circulation Desk on the second floor to request a search for the item.
Ext 3151 or 3152

Book Recommendation services
The library welcome suggestions for book purchases from faculty, staff and students in CYUT. Readers can recommend materials through the Recommendation system. The purchases will be based on library policy and budget. The reader will be notified about the status of the request by e-mail. However, if you have any question, you may call the following ext:
Ext 3172 or 3173

Rush Catalog Request
Rush cataloging means that materials which have been received can be cataloged quickly. It is provided as a service for all library readers, an item must have the phrase "in-processing" in the library catalog. If you request the item be Rush Cataloged, so that you can check it out. The library staff will make every attempt to expedite the preparation of the item for circulation. Typically, materials are available within 1-2 working days at the Library Circulation desk.
Ext 3173

Reference Services
Providing consultation in the use of reference materials and periodical.
Ext 3144

Inter-Library Cooperation
If readers require any materials which are not in the Library's collections, they may go circulation Desk on the second floor and apply to borrow or copy materials from other members of the Association. On-line application is also available. They may also make on-line inquiries on the status of requests. If the material requested is not available domestically, readers may also apply to overseas libraries.
Ext 3144

Reserved Books
If instructors have need for their courses, they may designate books in the library's collection as reserved and they will remain in the library for students in the instructor's course. Reserved books are available in the second floor reference stacks. They may be borrowed from the library for 24 hours.
Ext 3144

Seats and Rooms Reservation System