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E-mail account:
When each freshman enrolls in CYUT, an e-mail account is assigned. Every faculty and staff can apply for an e-mail account by filling out the application form with ID card as proof. The account is also used as verification for campus wireless networking, the uploading of master’s thesis or Ph.D. dissertation, and the inquiry of the password for information systems. In addition, we also provide everyone with certain capacity of personal web space.
  Faculty and staff Student Club Student
E-mail storage space 1GB 100MB no limits
Webpage Storage Space 300MB 100MB 100MB
Gmail no limits X no limits
Google drive no limits X no limits
E-mail account

Account of application Account of application 's' + student number
E-mail address account@cyut.edu.tw account@cyut.edu.tw account@cyut.edu.tw
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MyCYUT Portal
MyCYUT Portal
MyCYUT Portal

Servers for network service
Service Items IP address Remark
DNS and  
WWW www.cyut.edu.tw  
PORTAL my.cyut.edu.tw  
SSH, FTP home.cyut.edu.tw  
MAIL mail.cyut.edu.tw POP3, SMTP, IMAP
WEBMAIL webmail.cyut.edu.tw For Staff